In the Clubhouse at Sir Winston Churchill Public School in the Month of April, Shania Kids Can celebrated the Day of Pink. The Day of Pink is the international day to end all forms of bullying and discrimination. Shania Kids Can students wore their pink shirts to show their support to end bullying. Students also designed and created their own paper pink shirts to help in continuing the conversation around bulling and discrimination.

Students had a great time working in groups to complete the Lego challenge. Students needed to work together to complete the goal of building a Lego structure. Students ability to work together as a team has really developed over the year and this was seen in this activity. Students were able to communicate, listen, challenge each other and get the job complete in a respectful manner.

In April SKC girls group “Girls Can” was up in full swing. The girls have started to connect with each other and building strong bonds. Many of these girls have had past conflicts with each other and being part of the group has created cohesion amongst the girls. This cohesion can also be seen in the clubhouse on break time as well as in the classroom and around the school. They come to girls group with excitement and a smile ready to work as a team. Students created their own hand made friendships bracelets  and lip gloss. Way to GO girls!



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