SKC students have been participating in various activities that will help them develop better social and life skills such as communication, waiting turns and helping others. SKC students were honoured to be given the opportunity to plan the school’s assembly for Black History month; they took leadership roles in coordinating and organizing groups that performed. SKC students learned how to interact and communicate with students they didn’t know which was outside of their comfort zone, it was an overall success.

SKC students have learned how to appreciate and support their peers and don’t hesitate to show empathy and love to each other especially when a new student joins the program. The students are quick to make the new student feel comfortable. Younger SKC students recognize the support they have in the program and are quick to turn to the older kids for support when needed.

Students are beginning to understand the importance of hygiene, cleaning up after themselves and self care. They are making tremendous improvement in communication, using words properly especially during conflict. Some of the SKC students struggled in the classroom at the beginning of the school year but have developed skills that help manage conflict and allow for better communicate with their teachers.

A recent highlight was our visit to CBC Kids Studio for a tour which will be aired on TV. The students were excited to have experienced the media world; they learned new songs and met with the CBC Kids Studio crew, they asked questions and did a lot of fun stuff.



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