We had a busy October in the Brampton SKC Clubhouse. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the help of some of our local Peel Police Officers. Each of the officers spent time in their own kitchen to add a delish dish to our Thanksgiving feast and they played waiter and waitress to our students. The kids loved it.  The kids also spent some time in the kitchen this month, they baked delicious cookies. Each student waited patiently for their turn to add an ingredient to the mixture, it was a real team building exercise.

On October 19 we travelled to the Finlayson Field Centre in Caledon, where SKC students continued to build community though team building activities such as working together to pass the hula hoop around the circle. Students had such a great time outside learning to work together. SKC students explored the field centre and learned about all the creatures that hide all around even under pieces of wood. What a great trip!   

One of the special trips made each month is to the community Senior Centre.  The SKC students taught their Grandfriends some of their favorite games including UNO, Connect Four and a few others. Many of our friends had never played these games so watching the SKC students teach them and play with them was an amazing experience for everyone. The primary reason for a trip to visit with our Grandfriends is to learn about giving back to the community and spending time with someone who may not have visitors. Some of the SKC students have told us that they either live too far from or don’t have relationships with their grandparents; this is an opportunity to teach them that relationships with seniors in their community can be very special.  




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