Worldwide, this school year has looked much different for students than any time they can remember.  School life for students who are part of the SKC Clubhouse in Las Vegas has been conducted entirely online since the school year started.  The Covid19 pandemic has halted daily face-to-face, peer-to-peer interaction in the Las Vegas Clubhouse and exacerbated food, housing, employment, and internet access stability for Clubhouse students and their families.  SKC knew consistent contact to check on (and in) with students during this time would take on greater importance than ever before.  The greatest gift that we can give to another person is our time and full attention.  That has been our goal to provide to Clubhouse Kids every week.

The kids accepted the challenge to come up with some pretty “off the wall” ideas for meaningful interactions during our weekly video chats.  We have played hide and seek, (Ms.) Simon Says, read stories, performed video snack tutorials (our budding chefs really rose to the challenge for that one!), worked math problems, gone on “virtual” field trips, made up silly songs, created animal masks, and raced through virtual scavenger hunts.  As the Clubhouse Leader, it made me smile to myself to hear an adult in the background ask what all the noise was that was going on during one of our weekly calls and the mom responded, “It must be his Clubhouse Chat, he gets so excited to login he’s dancing around the house a half hour before he gets on.” 

We call ourselves Clubhouse Family and for us that means that we respect each other’s feelings and consider them before we act.  We acknowledge when something is hard to do or talk about. These past few months it has also meant remembering and laughing about the good times and experiences with friends that we have in the Clubhouse and doing our best to keep our bodies and minds active and healthy so that we can all be together again in person soon.




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