Our Shania Kids Can Program has been in full swing over here at Schumacher Public School. It is a pleasure to join SKC and to work with the SKC kids. I am excited to work with the kids and build a rapport with such brilliant young minds. Watching each of them explore, learn, and grow each day is a joy to observe.


We began the year by giving each student a personal journal to encourage them to express their emotions, rather than leaving them bottled up inside. During Talking Circle every Monday everyone has their turn to explain how they are feeling and why, quite often the discussions center around stressful events that have occurred in their lives. They are recognizing the emotions they felt from these events, how these emotions made them react, acknowledging the consequences of their actions, and coming up with strategies they can use to properly regulate their emotions.


This has been a very successful activity in the Clubhouse, the purpose being to create a safe environment where students can share their point of view with others without judgement. Each SKC member has become more confident in speaking about their emotions in front of others, while also learning to be non-judgmental and empathetic of every individual’s unique situation.

We have also been learning the importance of goal setting in life. We have had in depth discussions about goals and how having goals will provide them with long-term vision and short-term motivation. They have learned that goals help them organize their time and their resources so that they can make the most of their life. With this lesson, each child has created their own vision board of their long-term goals. They are hanging up in our classroom as a reminder for them to always work hard to achieve what they really want in life.

The kids also created an SKC social contract. This consists of one promise from each student to follow in their everyday life and in school. They cut out their handprint and put their signature in the middle of it to make it official. This is hanging on a school bulletin board in our hallway. This activity provides each student with the lesson that making a promise and keeping it is very important. It also provides them with a visual representation of common things we should all strive to be in life.

During the month of December, we put on music, danced, sang, and put up a tree all while creating a festive environment in our Clubhouse. Each student created their own tree ornament, with an act of kindness on it that they promised to complete over their holiday break. The students loved this activity, and it was a great for them to learn that doing things for someone can not only make that person feel great but can make them feel good on the inside too. Another way they worked to spread kindness was to help seniors shovel their snow. Spreading kindness is a life skill every individual should own; I have witnessed it in every student that is part of the Clubhouse.



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