Even though these times have been trying, we have pulled through and made this year very special and one we will never forget! We did our best, and we are all grateful we could still support our SKC students during the pandemic. Our students love being part of the SKC Clubhouse, even during online learning.

When we were lucky enough to be in school and in the Clubhouse for half the school year and we served up lots of healthy and nutritious food and continued to run a successful breakfast “grab & go” program. The SKC kids have enjoyed it to the fullest!  Some come to school very hungry, and it is a blessing to fill that void.

We moved to online learning in April, and I reached out to students daily on Google Meets. With all the difficulties of COVID and online learning, several students have fallen behind in Language, Math and Science. Google Meets allowed me the opportunity to provide one on one support and small group work to assist with their academic studies. They enjoyed having that special time with me where we continued to focus on social and emotional development and academic assistance. We also practiced relaxation with yoga, meditation, and deep breathing techniques.

Irwin's “Zones of Regulation” is a program that is offered to all the students in our school to foster self-esteem and emotional control. It has been very helpful for a few of our SKC students.  They are learning to self-regulate and calm down when needed as they have lots of stress in their lives, and they have a few plans in place for when they are bullied or feel they need somewhere to go.

Although we could not take school trips, it did not stop us from travelling the world! We took virtual tours of famous places such as The Great Pyramids and The Sphinx, The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, and famous Waterfalls around the world! They also loved some online fun and educational games such as Kahoot, Memory, Sudoku, Escape, and hidden picture puzzles. 

Even though we dealt with so much and had a difficult year, we stuck together and helped each other. It was great to be able to continue our support online while schools were closed but we sure are looking forward to returning to the Clubhouse and seeing each other again in person.



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