The Dwight SKC Program at Irwin Memorial has had a fantastic year so far! We have welcomed in new students to the program and I love seeing familiar smiles back into the clubhouse.

In September we went to Stoneleigh Farm at Deerhurst Resort for a field trip where our students learned how to care for animals and they had a chance to pet and even train some horses, donkeys, pigs, bunnies, and alpacas! They had an amazing experience and enjoyed viewing the animals feeding and medication schedules on the barn wall. This was such a fun and educational experience for all!

We brought back our fun idea – the Compliment box! We are sharing it with the whole school and inviting everyone to write fun compliments to peers and staff members. The SKC students get a thrill out of handing them out on a weekly basis. It’s a fun way to spread some cheer and turns someone’s day around J

We have been collecting milk bags for our “Milk Bag Project” where we will use them to weave a practical mat for developing countries for families to use to sleep on. It will keep them warm and dry and it gives our students a sense of giving back and helping others.

For our annual Christmas play, we have recorded “Frosty the Snowman” and every SKC Member had a special part to play. We will present this at our school concert. They’re excited to show off their hard work while celebrating a special season.





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