Irwin’s SKC’s students are enjoying the Clubhouse to the fullest by being creative with different crafts, fun activities and enjoying playing games and socializing. Every day I work with small groups on building social skills and academics. We always enjoy our social time working together and practicing simple skills like taking turns and using manners while getting to know each other and making new friends.  We love playing games like “That’s Life”, “Maxwell’s Manor “ and “Should I or Shouldn’t I”  that all focus on building self-esteem, making good choices, communication skills and empathy. Very rewarding! We just ordered another social skills game called “What Do you Say…What Do you Do… At School” and excited to play it after March break!

Irwin SKC students made a beautiful compliment box and invited the whole school to participate by placing beautifully written notes to a peer or staff member and we’ll hand them out weekly to make someone’s day!  We introduced this at our “Kindness Week” kick off assembly and students love it to this day!

Irwin’s SKC Program invited in a local business owner, Karen Piovaty who owns the Algonquin Craft Cabin to do a fun craft with the students. Not only did she volunteer her time but she donated all the craft materials! We’re extremely grateful! The SKC students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and LOVED writing special, inspiring messages on the back and gave them out to family members and friends. We loved the looks on their faces when they passed along their gifts as they were so proud and honoured.  I later heard some nice success stories about making the recipient’s days brighter, and even a teacher beamed with joy!

Irwin’s SKC Program invited in the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit to do a very important workshop on Stress Management with our students.  The Health Nurse, Kim Newbury taught them simple and effective stress coping strategies and relaxation techniques that we will continue to practice in the clubhouse together. Each student had a turn to talk about sad and stressful times in their lives and drew a picture to share and learned about how to manage those feelings. 

We are continuing to help with the “Milkbag Project” where we have helped to collect around 500 bags and we’re are now cutting them into strips and tying them together. Soon we will have the opportunity to use the loom and weave them together to make a large bed for families to sleep on in developing countries!  What a fantastic way to re-use Milk Bags!  And the students LOVE giving back! 



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