This month in the Surrey Shania Kids Can Clubhouse, students spent the month learning about nutrition through cooking and field trips. The students learned how to design and create a recipe using healthy food. With the recipes that they created we used them to make tasty food in program like veggie wraps, fruit parfaits, smoothies, and so much more. The students loved having to ownership over the food that they were eating, and found fun ways to make food more interesting for them.

Along with having wonderful, fun snacks that the kids made on their own they also went on a nutritional field trip to Save on Foods, where they learned about nutrition from a nutritionist. They were taught about eating well using the Canada’s Food Guide as a resource. Students learned about the importance of reading the labels on containers to learn about the nutritional value in the food they are eating. It was also an experience for the kids to learn about shopping for groceries and how healthy foods are more affordable.

On the last day of the month we have Tasty Tuesday in SKC, a day they created to be our cooking day, students decided they wanted to learn about desserts. They were curious about how they can make desserts healthy. A student had suggested that we try making parfaits as a way of doing healthy versions of ice cream sundaes. The students prepared the fruits and toppings they wanted and used yogurt as a healthy replacement for ice cream. It was a big hit with the SKC students, and a simple recipe that they know they can do at home. 



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