The spring brought busy times to the Brampton Clubhouse. SKC members participated in a wide variety of activities that reinforced skills they were learning throughout the school year in a fun and engaging manner.

At Sir Winston Churchill we are very fortunate to have a “Girl’s Group” on top of our regular programming. Girls Group meets once a week and serves SKC girls in grades 5 and over. It’s a discussion group covering a variety of topics ranging from healthy friendships and career aspirations to women’s rights with a focus on thought-provoking discussions. We welcomed a member from the City of Brampton to host a two-part workshop on self-esteem. The girls participated in a series of activities that had them reflecting on what self-esteem meant, how to boost self-esteem on days they are feeling down, and why confidence is important. During this workshop the girls really opened up and expressed themselves to one another in a safe environment, after the workshop it was great to see how their confidence improved. And to boost confidence even more, the girls were pampered by getting their hair and makeup done at the local high school. The members suggested we carry over activities they participated in to our larger group, and SKC members were happy to create the “SKC Happy Bag”, a bag full of compliments to read whenever they are feeling down.

We transformed the clubhouse into our very own Zumba studio! We value the importance of living a healthy lifestyle by always eating nutritional food, and we thought it would be fun to add some fun exercise in addition to our healthy eating. Students didn’t even realize they were exercising while singing along to familiar songs. It was great to see all the students engaged, and they were rewarded at the end with their very own dance party! We continued to have our “Thoughtful Thursday” discussions and focused on anti-bullying and kindness during International Pink Day (day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia).

In May students were finally able to get a taste of sunshine following a month of April showers in Brampton. The City of Brampton hosted a free 3-part workshop called “Best You”. The workshop promoted physical, social and emotional wellbeing. SKC members participated in the workshops with ease and felt comfortable having conversations about their personal lives with the entire group. We celebrated our year with a trip to the Toronto Zoo in June. It was a great experience for everyone, older students took initiative and looked after younger students and everyone was able to look out for one another in the busy crowds.

 It’s great to see how much we’ve grown together as a group as we became more comfortable with one another as the school year progressed. Happy summer everyone!






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