Where has the time gone?! The spring weather in Calgary was a welcome change, and SKC students enjoyed getting active outside. They learned new games like four-square and wall-ball. They also continued being creative. Lorelai, an SKC student in grade 5 entered our talent contest, and did an amazing job of singing the song Raisins!

Two exciting projects completed this spring were a stained glass project, where students were able to design and create beautiful keepsakes. Also, families joined us for our final art project and farewell party. Together with their family members, the kids designed beautiful tie-dye shirts. Looking at the finished product, we were blown away with the creativity and artistic talents of the kids. SKC family's past and present enjoyed the chance to catch up with one another and celebrate the successes of their children in the program.

June is a stressful month for kids, and to take some pressure off, we invited PALS' therapy dogs back for another visit. Seymour and Tazo had a lot of fun playing with the students and received many belly rubs and back scratches from the kids!



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