What a year we had in the Las Vegas Clubhouse!  We have recently been working on peer to peer relationships including good sportsmanship during games.  Learning how to say, “Good game!” when you did not win teaches respect for the other person and for yourself. It helps students learn how to self-manage so they can develop maturity.  We have been practicing ending games and activities on a “high” with a high-five that includes a sincere compliment to the other person.

Five of our Clubhouse students were invited by Mr. David Copperfield to be his special guests at his magic show and to have the chance to meet him backstage after the show.  We don’t want to give away any of the exciting parts of the show so we will say that we were WOWED!  It was an exciting day and by the looks on the faces of the students chosen; they will not soon forget it.  These students all show kindness to other Clubhouse members and are first to offer to help make someone’s day brighter.  The treat was well deserved.

Shania Kids Can say thank you and we let our friends at GearUp know how much they are appreciated for all they have done to make us feel welcome at Orr MS and to help students improve their Math grades.  We are especially grateful that GearUp offered a week-long summer camp to our Clubhouse students at absolutely no charge to the families.  Shania Kids cut out hearts and wrote personal messages of thanks and then got sneaky and “heart-attacked” their campus door! 

We spent the last day of school saying goodbyes, signing yearbooks (check out our Shania Kids Can yearbook page!), and taking group photos.  It has been an incredible year!



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