Judge Bryant School

In this last quarter of the school year we have been keeping the balance between being mentally and physically active. First, we made tie dye flowers for Mother’s Day followed with learning about traditional Indigenous beading as well as Dream catchers, which we made ourselves. We had some free days to play in the gym, spend time on computers or play board games with each other. We also got to enjoy a trip to the Science Centre and enjoying all it has to offer. We enjoyed having Brick 4 Kids coming to the school and teaching us about gears and mechanized Lego. The first Lego project we made, helped us create art and the second project we had the choice to make a race car or ferris wheel. The rest of June was filled with fun; watching movies, gym time and time with one another. We finished the year by going to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw and having Houston Pizza for lunch!



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