The Shania Kids Can Program at the Surrey Site has been fun filled second half of the year. The students have worked on a lot of great projects throughout the year like calming bottles, that have helped them in their mindfulness. They have also been working hard on getting their cooking skills up with salads, and pies. Cooking has been one of the activities the kids have enjoyed the most, as it has allowed for them to learn how to cook at home. We have used items that they have easy access to and can do in their own homes. It was important that the students knew of all the wonderful opportunities and people that support them in the community. The students got to learn more about a nearby community organization that does work in connecting students with nature. The Surrey Nature Centre was a walking field trip that the students where students participated in bird watching, and learning more about the local ecosystem. Along with learning about the importance of sustainability and the impact, it has on the environment. The nearby firehall was another trip they went on. It was a great time at Surrey Firehall, to learn all about what the firefighters do and what it takes to become one. We also went to the aquarium this year, and the kids enjoyed being able to watch the sea creatures and learn about environmental sustainability through the aquarium. They also learned about different ways they can reduce and reuse with Mr. Junkology who showed them how to use recycled goods to create their own projects. For the last trip of the year, the students went for a social event of bowling and Boston Pizza. It was a way for them to celebrate their time in the Shania Kids Can Program. 2019 has been a year that these students will not forget.  




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