What a great start to the school year in the Las Vegas Clubhouse!  We have learned how to decorate with fruits and vegetable as well as make flowers out of fondant thanks to our favorite baker, Ms. Crystal. 

We got to sit on Ms. Shania’s motorcycle that came to Las Vegas to be restored and auctioned to benefit our Clubhouses in the US and Canada, along with an up-close view of some of the cool things that Count’s Kustoms can make and restore. 

Our most important work has been developing and deepening positive peer-to-peer relationships.  Being able to identify and voice our feelings opens communication with others so that each person feels heard and understood.  The Clubhouse is an emotionally supportive and physically calm place for that, and friends are being made!

Five of our Clubhouse students got to attend the opening night concert for Ms. Shania with their parents and were EXCITED! All of the Clubhouse Kids wrote notes of thanks, congratulations, or support to Ms. Shania that were delivered to her for her opening night in Las Vegas at the Zappos Theater.  The Clubhouse Kids are so proud to see her name on signs and buildings along the Las Vegas Strip.

Shania Kids Can say thank you and we want to give a big Thank You Shout Out to Ms. Katharine Carson for visiting the Clubhouse and gifting us with art supplies, craft paper, and books.  We appreciate you and your incredible support of Shania Kids Can!

We spent the last day of school before Winter Break telling friends what we hope the next 2 weeks will bring and we look forward to the start of 2020 with a plan for lots of fun to come with our Clubhouse friends.  Field trips, great memories, laughing, and learning are ahead thanks to Shania Kids Can!



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