Shania Kids Can Las Vegas Clubhouse has been having a blast!  One of the highlights for us was getting to visit The Happy Place, an immersive pop-up EXPERIENCE!  Around every corner there was more to see and do.  We appreciate the invitation and the incredible hospitality.  We had the chance to jump into a giant pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, try on butterfly wings, pet a unicorn, and throw confetti everywhere! 

For the second year in a row, we are working on knotted lap blankets for sick children in hospitals.  These blankets will be delivered with notes of support and drawings from the Clubhouse Kids. 

We are flexing our writing muscles and collaboratively writing a story about a marshmallow boy and girl who are made in the Clubhouse and come alive!  When our story is completed, we hope to illustrate and share it. 

We made a variation on a salad bar and created our own Smoothie Bar with fresh and frozen fruits, juices, and Greek yogurt.  Yum!  (Some of us had our first taste ever of fresh blackberries, fresh mangoes, and fresh spinach in a smoothie.) 

David Copperfield and his family donated some giant tumbling/building blocks and we have been having fun designing and building structures.  Thanks for thinking of us and helping us make a little magic of our own in the Clubhouse.  With everything we do, we get to know one another a little better and together we are learning how to communicate and collaborate in fun and positive ways.

School closed abruptly due to COVID-19 and as the Clubhouse Leader, I am concerned especially for the Clubhouse Kids who feel that school and the Clubhouse are their safe places to be.  I pray that we are all back in the Clubhouse supporting one another and making new memories very soon.




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