What a year in the Las Vegas Clubhouse!  We have been contacting students and families virtually, by telephone, and in-person this school year (and sometimes, that was just a Tuesday!). 


We have Zoomed, met in Google Meets, and socially distanced ourselves under a tree.  One thing that this year has taught us all is that nothing takes the place of personal interaction.  We interact to connect and COVID-19 could not stop us!  Many of the ways that we had connected with SKC Kids in the past changed this year, but most importantly, we found a new appreciation for the things that we took for granted in our sweet Clubhouse. 


While we were able to still stay in touch and share time, jokes, stories, and concerns, we all agreed that we missed the things that we never thought would end.  Things like having lunch together in the Clubhouse sitting at our red tables, laughing, playing games, and trying to figure out who had the ketchup or the hot sauce.  Many of the SKC Kids who had been so embarrassed at having “Happy Birthday” sung to them in the Clubhouse last year said that they missed that it did not happen this year.  They laughed about a time they used an empty box and pretended it was a television that they did their own “Clubhouse Show” from.  Surprisingly, many of the Kids mentioned a day when we decided to make paper airplanes and fly them indoors on a rainy day.  Some SKC Kids were teaching their younger siblings how to make paper airplanes and flying them inside their own homes.  They shared how happy they were to be able to do that and remember the fun they had together with their Clubhouse friends. 


We often talk these days about how important gratitude and appreciation are in our everyday lives and how this year has shown us in a BIG way why they are important.  Gratitude and appreciation are essential traits that help our SKC Kids become positive people who feel happier, focus better, and are less stressed.  All of this helps make SKC Kids more inclined to focus on the things that they do have and what they can share with others.  This year, we have all been paper that has been folded in new sometimes uncomfortable ways. We can’t wait to come together again next year to practice flying straighter and higher toward our personal and academic goals.




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