The past three months have been an exciting time in SKC here at Sir. Winston Churchill! When students returned from Christmas break we started off the New Year writing down our “new year’s resolutions”. As a group, we brainstormed strategies, tips and tricks that will help achieve our personal goals. SKC students reflected on their goals during our weekly “Thoughtful Thursday” class discussions and they continue to work towards their “new year’s resolutions” every day.


The month of January ended off on a great note over at our local Boston Pizza. Students were given a tour of the kitchen and had the opportunity to make and enjoy their own pizzas! 


In February SKC students celebrated Chinese New Year, Black History month and Valentine’s Day! SKC students learned the importance of cultural competence as they learned about customs, traditions, and notable people in both Chinese and Black culture. Additionally, SKC students welcomed performers from Kreative Interlude for a Black History Month presentation and got to visit Rose Theatre for a poetry performance based off famous black people throughout history. Students also looked forward to our in Valentine’s Day lunch where we ate different pink and red food and surprised one another with Valentine’s Day cards. February was a busy month full of learning, exploring different cultures, and appreciating everyone in SKC!


We kicked off March anxious for warmer weather, and with that in mind students learned about a flower’s growth cycle and planted their own flowers- SKC students are excited to watch their flowers grow! The grade 5 & 6 SKC girls took a trip to our nearby high school for an afternoon getting their hair and nails done, they returned to school feeling and looking like movie stars!


Wrapping up this short month SKC students walked over to Rose Theatre for a show on Earth’s Prehistoric Aquarium- interactive performance that gave the opportunity for SKC students to learn about land before time. Lot’s more planned for the rest of the school year!




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