In the clubhouse at Sir Winston Churchill Public School in March, the students have been focusing on health and wellness. Students started the month off with a trip to the local swimming pool to enjoy both a morning of fun and exercise. Several of the students had never been swimming but did really well in the pool. One student in particular started the swim off not wanting to enter the water, but was brave enough to go in with her peer’s encouraging words and had an exceptional time.

In furthering our discussion of health and wellness, SKC students talked about what stress is and listed many ways to de-stress. Our SKC girls were excited to make their own bath bombs as a way to de-stress after a hard day at school. Some students also made these as special gifts for their families.

On March 25, nine of the SKC students were excited to take a trip to the Ricoh Coliseum to watch the Clarkson Cup and support fellow SKC student, Kaylee, who had the honours of singing the National Anthem. It was an amazing opportunity for all and everyone was excited to support the Markham Thunder! It was a fitting trip to continue the discussion of the importance of exercise in our daily lives.

To end of the month of March, Colleen, our school’s Public Health Nurse, did some interactive games to talk about healthy eating and advertising. Students were able to recognize many common ads and discussed the importance of healthy choices both at school and at home.



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