The SKC Clubhouse at Irwin Memorial has had a busy and exciting few months. In our Clubhouse we have been focusing on kindness. Each day there is a “kindness” quote posted on the board that we read aloud as a group and discuss what it means. Each week we have an assistant of the week who helps sweep, wipe tables and do dishes. This has helped our students learn some important life-skills as well as leadership skills!

        In January we visited Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. We learned about the animals that have been rescued, and how many dedicated volunteers it takes to run the sanctuary. Following the sanctuary we visited Boston Pizza, where we had a tour of the kitchen, and got to make our own personal pizzas (on the house!). In February we supported #pinkshirtday to take a stand against bullying. In March we got to visit our local Moose FM 105.5 Huntsville Radio station where four lucky SKC students were interviewed about #shaniakidscan on air. That same day, we were fortunate enough to go to Huntsville Kelsey’s for a tour of the kitchen and lunch (milkshakes, burgers and fries) all compliments of Kelsey’s!

In April we are looking forward to planting seeds for our school garden and learning about “seed to plate”.




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