March has been an exciting month for the Shania Kids Can Program in Surrey. We have been following a theme of physical activity, where we learned how to swim during a field trip to the local swimming pool. The kids in the SKC program had a swimming good time splashing in the pool. Right before the students went off to Spring Break we had a picnic at a local park. This picnic was bittersweet as the kids said goodbye to one of their peers, Linda, who is moving to a new school and city. The kids were excited for the opportunity to say goodbye in a fun way and to celebrate all the memories they had together. During Spring Break the kids in SKC attended a week long camp at Hjorth Road Elementary. This camp was an opportunity for them to attend a Spring Break camp for one week during the two week long break from school. During camp the kids played games, cooked food, and made crafts. At the end of the week the Tzu Chi Foundation, that supported the camp held an event at the school. For this event the students learned a song in sign language, took part in a tea ceremony, and received gifts of backpacks and supplies. March may have felt short, but the kids in SKC it was a wonderful month of fun. We’re excited to see what April will bring!



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