The wintertime was a fun and exciting time for the Surrey Shania Kids Can Clubhouse at Hjorth Road Elementary. January was a time of exploring the cultural diversity of our community. While February digging deep into STEAM, science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a unique way. March was a time for spring, and spring break.

January was a time to explore the great cultural diversity Surrey has to offer. The kids in program had a wonderful coaching duo come in to teach them how to do the Salsa and Cha Cha. They brought in their own cultural backgrounds through the music and stories that they loved. A huge part was bringing in crafts and activities that would allow them to grow their cultural acceptance. An activity that they enjoyed was making dreamcatchers, as well as learning the significance that they had in Indigenous cultural. Food was another way that they learned about different cultures. Food was their way of realizing the similarities that they had with one another. The field trip for the month was to a local restaurant called Bozzini’s where the kids got to eat from a buffet of Chinese, Greek, Indian, and Italian food. They used the etiquette training that they had learned to use. They all tried something new and different and came out with a new favourite food. Many before this were use to being picky eaters.

February hit Surrey with a lot of snow, which was taken advantage of for STEAM learning. The kids all learned about the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar while playing in the snow, as they created their own snow volcanoes. They had fun outside in the snow, while being scientists inquiring how much baking soda and vinegar they should use. STEAM was also introduced in multitude of unique ways. The kids learned about math through learning magic. A magician came into program to teach the kids how magic has more math tricks involved in the cards than they could think of. They were engaged for days even going to their classmates to teach them. Table Tutors came by to teach the kids how to DJ. They taught them the history of disk jockeys and connected it to how music engineering works. When the kids got to DJ themselves, they loved it and were quick at learning how beats work, and created some great song remixes. The end of the month was a field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium, where the kids got to take a look at the different marine, and wildlife the Aquarium had, as well as all the conservation they were doing. The kids loved getting to see the training the animals did, as it helped them understand the importance it had for the checks the trainers did on the animals.

March was a contrast to the past months, as it was a time for renewing with Spring. Spring was a time for the kids to wind down leading up to Spring Break. For Spring Break many kids attended a camp taking place at the school, which gave them plenty of wonderful opportunities to connect with their peers while doing fun camp activities.  The Surrey RCMP came by to run a fun game session with the kids, and the mornings were full of learning soccer from Soccer Shots. Camp allowed for the kids to have fun and learn in an environment that was welcoming of mistakes, as those were what they would learn from.




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