It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of March. We have been really busy in the Shania Kids Can Clubhouse. During the month of February, students made some Valentine cards for their family and friends.

Students have also been learning about good hygiene practices such as hair combing, tooth brushing, and proper hand washing. Students were each given a toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, and brush. After, every snack and lunch, students have been brushing their teeth and combing their hair. Most of the students are engaging in good hygiene practices. Good Job SKC students.

During many recesses, students when given free choice have been enjoying playing board games such as Checkers, Operation, Jenga, Jumping Monkeys, and other board games. Students just love to play board games with their friends. Yes, sometimes there are arguments but is that not all a part of learning how to interact with other people.

Students have also been busy growing a garden. Students planted some herbs such as oregano, basil, chives. Students also planted a tea garden made up of chamomile, menthe, and lemon tea. Students are taking care of the garden by watering it every day and making sure that it gets plenty of sunshine.

Lastly, students colored some emoji portraits. Most of the students completed the activity. The students enjoyed choosing between the various emoji’s that were on the table. Some students said that they were going to hang their emoji portraits on the walls of their rooms. Fun time was had by all.   




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