Spring has sprung in the Las Vegas Clubhouse!  We have certainly been a Clubhouse on the GO!  Our students were invited to attend the National TRIO/GearUp Day Celebration which honors the efforts of students who are attending college against incredible personal and financial odds.  State political leaders were in attendance and it was exciting to see them and to hear the inspiring stories from the honored college students.  It was important to hear that we can have college dreams and accomplish what we set out to do.  We were so inspired that we have been deepening relationships in small group meetings and working to improve grades and attendance because Shania Kids Can!

We started flowers and vegetables from seeds and are excited to see them grow.  Our plan is to have them blooming just in time for Mother’s Day.  The Copperfield family gifted our Clubhouse with an incredible gift of children’s clothing and toys.  SKCLV students celebrated the donation by choosing gifts for their younger siblings and feeling proud that they were able to choose things that they knew their brothers and sisters would love.  The Clubhouse also received from the Copperfield family a new set of tumbling mats and we have a gymnast coming next week to show us some tumbling moves!  We really are ON A ROLL! 



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