In the SKC Clubhouse at Sir Winston Churchill Public School

November was all about building community in the SKC Clubhouse! Through an activity called Save Sam, students worked together to place a gummy worm in a gummy life saver without using their hands, only a paper clip. Students took on the challenge with excitement! SKC welcomed music teacher, Mr Brard to teach us about rhythms and beats on the bucket drums donated by Home Depot, the students had such a great time creating their own music both individually and as a group! We had our monthly visit to the local Seniors Centre to play board games with our Grandfriends, this time they taught the students how to play dominoes. It was a wonderful afternoon, and the SKC students are already eagerly asking when we can return to the Seniors Centre! SKC started to decorate the room for the holidays and students enthusiastically started to make holiday cards for their grandfriends for Christmas.



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