It’s so hard to believe that December is already upon us! The Regina SKC Clubhouse spent Novmeber cultivating new hobbies and growing literacy skills. All throughout November students learned the art of wood burning; creating a design, sanding the wood, carving the wood and staining the wood. Students have begun learning how to knit and in a short time are ready to start on bigger projects, such as scarves and hats! EYES (Educating Youth on Engineering and Science) were back with a very different sort of experiment… dissecting sheep eyes! Despite the initial shock (or maybe disgust!) students learned all about the different parts of the eye and how eyes are able to see colour. A large focus throughout November was doing a book study of the book, Wonder. Not only was it amazing to see students commitment and engagement to reading and finishing their assignments, it was amazing to see how captivated they were by the story of Auggie Pullman. It is not an exaggeration, in any sense of the word, to say that Auggie has changed these students and the Clubhouse!

“When given the choice between being right and being kind, CHOOSE KIND!” –August Pullman



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