Starting this year in the Clubhouse was an adjustment for all! A new leader and new students brought a different dynamic to the group. We have been working together as a group to get to know each other and learn how to work together! September was the start of our adventure and we started off by implementing a morning prep/hygiene program. In October we focused on gratitude and healthy lifestyles where the students learned to make home-made apple sauce, overnight oatmeal chia jars, and salads. We were fortunate enough to have the third year nursing students Peer to Peer program from Northern College come present to our group on healthy eating and handwashing, solidifying the things we had begun working on. We also opened the Clubhouse to the whole school for a spooky Halloween Feel Factor activity that was enjoyed by all! 

In November we focused on mindfulness and positivity! The Northern College students returned to give a presentation on winter safety and the SKC members took their first field trip to Float 11 Yoga and Healing Arts studio for a yoga and mindfulness session. The students also got to experience another great presentation from the Porcupine Health Unit on oral hygiene! Each student was given a kit with a new toothbrush, paste, floss, chart and stickers, and a timer.

December we are working on a spirit of giving and will be opening the Clubhouse to the school again for a special project called Santa’s Little Helpers, as well as working on a skit for the Christmas assembly. The skit takes our theme of giving and uses it to show downcast students being transformed by the free gifts given by their peers of acceptance, kind words, a listening ear, etc…We  also have groups daily working on our skills of emotional literacy, conflict resolution, classroom and life skills, self-esteem and stress management, and so much more! The students really love the time they get to spend together working on team building games and activities! Thanks to the SKC and generous community donors, we have been able to make all of this possible. We are looking forward to more adventures and growing together as a group, learning to take the skills we learn in the SKC program out into our classes, homes, and community! ~Mrs. Pelletier




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