After returning to school in the new year and heading into March break the Clubhouse was in full swing amidst snow days and school closure chaos! Students had to work diligently at getting back into routine. In January we started an “exotic fruits of the world” portion to our group programming in order to allow students to experience the tastes, sights, smells and benefits of fruit grown in tropical climates. Fresh fruit can be expensive and exotic fruit is often hard to come by in our small Northern community. The students get an introduction and information about the fruit, then they get to see how to prepare and cut it, then taste it! To date we have been blessed to try papaya, canary melon, mango, dragon fruit, Santa Clause or Christmas melon (piel de sapo), passionfruit, granadilla, golden kiwi, and cherimoya! It was a first time for myself included to see some of these fruit come to Timmins! As for the tastes, the student’s faces say it all!

In February we wanted to work on connection as a group and to others. We started a Clubhouse Coffee Cart to give back to teachers and staff. Students took orders, then worked at preparing and delivering coffee, tea, and hot chocolate with all the fixings! We then decided as a group that visiting a senior’s home to connect with the elderly would be a wonderful idea! I teamed up with a friend who goes monthly to provide Aromatouch hand massages and taught the students how to complete the technique. They practiced on each other and on a few very lucky staff members. Sadly our event was postponed and then cancelled but we are planning on offering massages to the staff in future!

Although March was quite a short month for us at school, we have been working on building our teamwork and friendship skills. Conflicts arise but working on cooperative games has helped us work through them. A few new students also arrived and have joined our group! The students have come up with great games (which unbeknownst to them are great for self-regulation!). Favorites include “Night At The Museum”, and “Treacherous Transfer.”

We also had some artistic high school students attend the Clubhouse to host an Easter paint day! The students loved this, and we hope to have them return again. For now we will carry on with our Emotional Management program and regular adventures!




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