The SKC clubhouse at Sir Winston Churchill began their 2018/2019 school year with a ‘smile’. Some of the group’s unforgettable moments were taking a deep breath with the Travelling Stage Yoga instructor. Students really enjoyed learning how to relax in tense situations and to re-gather thoughts to promote focus. While exploring our adventurous side, we visited Downey’s Farm during the month of October and participated in many activities. It was fun spending time in the petting zoo and learning about the animals. We were appreciative to celebrate another Thanksgiving luncheon with members from Peel Regional Police. We were also extremely thankful and appreciative of all the great things our community police do for our school. The SKC clubhouse enjoyed learning how to make fresh pumpkin pie along with other baked treats. As we tapped into our imaginative side, students collaborated with their siblings and produced beautiful portraits of Autumn. Each month we focussed on various social skill topics to help us become confident, happy individuals. We learned how to recognize and cope with stressors, manage anger through the Zones of Regulation, along with lesson on mindfulness and kindness. While learning these skills we welcomed guest speaker, Saidat, who taught us all about self esteem. Every Thursday, SKC students look forward to our ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ motivational quotes and chats. Our girls group enjoyed many lessons and hands on activities such as making bath bombs, decorating jewelry boxes and visiting Turner Fenton Secondary School’s cosmology program.  As a fun way to begin the festive holiday season, we attended an amazing performance entitled, “A Very Electric Christmas” at the Rose Theatre. As we think about others this time of year, we embarked on a messy but fun tie dye project and created blanket for a special friend in need. To close off the busy month of December we welcomed a visit from Santa Claus. Our start to the year was truly a blast! Now it’s time to recharge for a couple of weeks so we can have more fun in 2019!



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