Students in the Clubhouse have been busy! We planned and created a fun Halloween Carnival using Math for games like Tarantula Toss. We bobbed for apples, and got to know one another just in time for our first field trip to UNLV. We took a bus from school and toured the University. For students who could not imagine themselves in college before that trip, it was important. Mr. Newman visited and taught us about food safety and preparation. We used those skills to slice and chop vegetables for a tasty turkey stew that we made for “Friendsgiving”, our chance to get together and talk about and share what we are thankful for. We made time to get together and make tie blankets for other kids that are going through medical treatment and the decided to write notes to the kids receiving blankets to send positive thoughts. We are looking forward to a Spoken Word/Poetry workshop this week and our Holiday Hot Chocolate Cart before we take our exams. This is a new program and we are all making friends and getting to know each other. It is important that there is a space in the school that is supportive and promotes caring, good mental and physical health habits, and kindness. We have worked in small and large groups to decide what being a middle school Clubhouse Kid means and how to really be there for each other. Las Vegas Shania Kids Can Clubhouse Kids are off to a great start!



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