The fall season was a time of growing, fresh starts, and curiosity in the Surrey Shania Kids Can Clubhouse at Hjorth Road Elementary. It was a largely new group of students starting up in September, with a few familiar faces who were crowned the leaders of Shania Kids Can. The leaders from previous years in SKC got to take on some responsibility in creating the games and activities we did in October. The highlight of October was that the students wanted to have a picnic, where they got to connect with each other and to share stories of what they enjoyed in SKC so far. They helped in getting the food ready and bringing it outside to the school’s picnic area as it was a perfect fall day. Having a healthy picnic lead nicely into next month, as November was a month that was focused on Health and Nutrition. A nutritionist came in to teach the students about health eating and what constituted as healthy food that fuels the body and what does not. The students got to sample and eat some body fueling food. Health is not just limited to what we eat, but also with how we take care of out bodies. Student’s learned that the food they eat not only affects their fuel, and nutrition, but also their teeth through a dental presentation. They were shocked to find out what can happen to their teeth if they do not take care of them. The students for December learned about giving back to their community through art. The students created a wall within the school known as the kindness wall, which is filled with positive, kind messages that students in the school can take with them when they are needing it. They also began creating tie blankets to give to a children’s hospital, and a local women’s safe house. With all the positive and warmth felt in the Shania Kids Can Clubhouse, the drumming partner from Rhythm Resource provided a large energy to the group. The past few months have been an exciting time in the Surrey Shania Kids Can Clubhouse. The students are excited to see where the rest of their time in SKC will lead them, and what adventures the new year holds for them.



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