Looking back, it is amazing to see just how much the SKC students at Catherine Nicols Gunn have grown socially and emotionally. Some of the more memorable (and messy) lessons included an explosive experiment about what happens when the emotion mad takes over and slime to help students learn about flexible thinking. Practice makes perfect, and students spent a lot of time practicing calming activities. It turns out there a lot of talented artists, as many of the students chose art as their favorite calming activity. Students had the opportunity to learn a new hobby through knitting lessons, gardening club, baking, and by participating in the Diversity Cup soccer tournament. The kids were thankful for all of our special guests including Alberta Animal Rescue Crew, Breakfast Clubs of Canada, and master pianist Linh Nguyen, just to name a few! We enjoyed birthday celebrations and activities that allowed students to build new friendships, become mentors, and know that they always have a place where they are cared for, accepted, and safe.



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