This has been such an amazing year at Irwin Memorial’s SKC Clubhouse. We have had so many students build confidence in themselves, which has helped them form new friendships, and improve academically. We were fortunate enough to go on two field trips and have six guest speakers. Students especially enjoyed the field trip to Algonquin Park where we learned about career opportunities and went for a hike. They also had a fabulous time when Huntsville Judo Club came to the Clubhouse and did some demonstrations, as well as learning about Sensei Chris’s journey to become a Sensei. Another favorite activity was when we visited Henrietta’s Pine Bakery and learned how to make their famous “Sticky Buns”.  Yummmmmmy!  The Dwight SKC Clubhouse enjoyed cooking and special crafts throughout the year. This year we focused on social skills and kindness, which was exemplified when students learned to accept that it’s alright for people to have different opinions and still have a solid friendship. We are very much looking forward to our end of year trip where we’ll go to camp for a day and go zip-lining, rock climbing and learn how to build a fire outdoors. After such a busy year, we will need to rest over summer holidays to come back recharged for another amazing year of SKC in the 2018/2019 school year!




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