The moment the kids in the Hjorth Road Shania Kids Can Program found out that they were going to the Shania Now Concert in Vancouver they were ecstatic! On Saturday May 5, Hjorth Road Elementary School was buzzing with excitement and a choir of kids singing Up as they danced around waiting for the bus. Parents took photos of their children and their peers as a memory of this day. Once we boarded the bus the students carried on singing songs all the way from Surrey to Vancouver where we were dropped off outside Boston Pizza for dinner. At the restaurant they showed off their manners and etiquette, impressing the serving staff. After dinner everyone walked over to Rogers Arena where they were in awe of the arena. Going to the seats the kids cheered, elated by how close they were to the stage. The moment the lights started dimming and the opening act, Bastian Baker, began performing they never sat back down in their seats. A student even began crying happily as she saw Shania Twain walking to the stage from the back of the arena, in awe of her entrance and overwhelming emotions of seeing her in person. The kids cheered on the top of their lungs as Shania Twain walked to the stage, cheering as loud as they could once she was on stage. They busted out the dance moves they had spent time creating in the clubhouse and spent the whole night on their feet singing their hearts out. Following the concert, the kids raved about the concert and many said it was the best day of their lives! 



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