It’s been a busy year experiencing and learning many different things! From poetry to crafts to field trips we did so much! Like many of the other SKC programs we experimented with many different SLIME recipes throughout the year! Timmins got the opportunity to spend time in the maker space classroom expanding our minds with awesome STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) activities. We had the opportunity to celebrate Timmins Comic Con by letting our imaginations run wild making superhero crafts such as masks, capes and puppets. The highlight of our year was going to EZ Rock Radio Station for a field trip and meeting the broadcasters, Mark, Vanessa and Ryan. We saw how all the switchboards worked, the different technology, learnt about broadcasting ads and got to try out being a broadcaster. Stay tuned for the Timmins SKC Radio Show! As the year closes, we have to say goodbye to one of our most positive role models, Serenity, who has been with us for the last 3 years as she is graduating out of the SKC program. What an awesome 2017/2018 school year!



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