Success Stories


Andy always enters SKC with a smile. He is willing to lend a helping hand and often asks the program leader “do you need help?” without being asked.  He always thinks of others before himself and is very empathic towards others. Andy is always on time and participates in all programming and is a great help to all SKC friends.   


Kaddy is always an amazing helper around SKC. She enjoys assisting the Program Leader with meal preparation and clean up. She is a role model to the younger students. When a younger student in SKC needs help, she is always willing to give them a helping hand. She advocates to her teacher about her learning and using SKC as a quiet space when needing academic support.


Eldon came to the Clubhouse extremely shy and dejected, barely verbally communicating with peers or adults around him. In just one month Eldon is starting to become more outgoing and making meaningful connections in SKC; his safe space. Already, Eldon has become such a strong part of our SKC family. He has not missed any programming, is the first student to initiate his group doing the chore chart, will go and eat his lunch with someone he notices sitting alone, and has inspired a chess obsession within the Clubhouse! Eldon is fascinated with planes and aerodynamics, so we will go and look for a Lego plane he can build or a book on aerodynamics at Chapters.


Not only has Marina worked hard on improving her literacy and math skills, she has also made a conscious effort to be a better listener. Marina is an active participant in SKC, and makes thoughtful contributions to class discussions. Her classmates enjoy her sense of humour and her quick smile.


Laura is ALWAYS excited for anything that we are doing in the Clubhouse. She screams with the same excitement to do the dishes as she does when she gets to paint! She ALWAYS tries her best. She ALWAYS brings a positive attitude.  In fact, the only thing I have ever heard her complain about is that she has to leave the Clubhouse to go back to class, or a program is ending and she needs to go home. She is SWEET! She is HELPFUL! She is KIND! She keeps every SKC member LAUGHING! She’s the smallest girl, with the BIGGEST heart.


Laresa always approaches all new tasks with an open mind. She works hard every day in the clubhouse, and I know that I can always count on her. She is a good role model to her friends and since September, her friends have been more involved with showing the same leadership that Laresa displays. Laresa is always the last student to leave the classroom every day, ensuring that all of the garbage is off of the floors, and turning off the lights. She is a huge help to me, and always displays responsible behaviour to her classmates.


Gailan works very hard in the clubhouse, is a great example to other students, and is always staying behind to help clean up. Whenever we do art activities or make a mess in our classroom, she is always the first student to take initiative and start cleaning. She is also the last student to leave the classroom afterschool because she makes sure everything is perfectly clean and put back before leaving. Her hard work is appreciated!


Marisa is a returning SKC student whose presence has a positive impact on the Clubhouse.   Marisa’s willingness to help with anything around the clubhouse is invaluable. There is not a day that goes by that Marisa doesn’t do something helpful around the clubhouse or ask if there is a chore she can complete. She put forth an amazing effort at boxing lessons; working hard and getting sweaty every lesson!! She has shown so much interest and leadership throughout our book study of Wonder. Marisa is very interested in art, and we will research a different art project or lesson she can attend! We are proud of you, Marisa!


Lucas is a good influence on many of his classmates.  He has made the connection between hard work and positive results. Lucas has put in effort to build strong relationships with his teachers, and this has improved his attitude towards school.