Success Stories

Cole Cheff

Cole recently moved to Timmins, leaving behind a rocky past, and is already making plans for his future. Cole is an extremely future-oriented thinker with goals that he works vigorously to achieve. He expressed to his peers during our goal setting lessons that he would like to be a police officer when he grows up. He is mindful of the fact that to achieve this, he must work hard in school and stay out of trouble so, therefore he is working diligently to keep his grades high. This is important for Cole because of his past and what he has endured. He is so resilient given his background, he has come out stronger, learning from his experiences.

Currently, we are working on anger management and different ways we can express our emotions, rather than physically acting out how we feel. Cole has been following along with each class, really taking the purpose of each lesson, and applying it in his everyday life. Cole has a very positive-minded attitude. When other classmates are feeling down, he will make a comment to lift them up. If they are unsure about a subject, he will offer ideas to help them understand. Cole has improved immensely since starting the SKC program. He is a wonderful student to work, he is very polite, has great manners, and everyone in the Clubhouse loves to be in his presence. He is such a positive person and genuinely loves to spread kindness, despite all that he has been through. One of the many great things about Cole is that he is very confident about himself and the future he will hold. We believe in his ability to achieve great things in life.


Tiffany is a kind and caring girl and it is important to her to make people happy. Sometimes, that means that she is reluctant to speak up and say what she wants or how she feels and she is learning that does not always make HER happy. Some of the hardest and most meaningful work that kids do in the Clubhouse is learn how to navigate friendships and peer relationships. Over these past few months, I have seen Tiffany strive to make her voice heard and work positively with peers so that everyone walks away feeling good about decisions that have been made. She is proud of herself for deciding that she is important and deserves to walk away from a peer exchange feeling like everyone is happy, herself included. As her Leader, I see her smiling more. She carries herself with more confidence and I have heard her speaking with other Clubhouse Kids and mentoring them to help them speak up for themselves. YOU are going to be great in Middle School Tiffany!


Haily is a sweet young lady who has had great difficulty with social interactions and relating to peers. She is deeply emotional and can be easily overwhelmed and stay to herself. She lacked independence and self-confidence, frequently asking for help with basic simple tasks. These past few months she has been able to improve her social interactions with peers and has enjoyed many different games and activities. She has been happier, having less emotional breakdowns, coming to the Clubhouse for support when needed, and taken on a mentoring role for a newer member. Her independence has grown leaps and bounds. She no longer asks for assistance with each task but will attempt on her own. She can open lunch items and even make her own toast proudly. She is also the first to remember the steps taught in our emotional management program. It has been a pleasure to watch her blossom and transform. We can’t wait to see how far she will go!


Robert is a grade 4 student who was very introverted at the beginning of the school year and had a hard time socializing with his peers. He is learning how to express himself and as a result is socializing more. He enjoys the SKC Clubhouse and engages in program activities with his new SKC friends. He is a very intelligent boy who is polite and respectful to his teachers. Robert has adjusted very well and we’re very proud of how far he has come.


Yannick has been a part of the SKC Program and Irwin for a few years now and loves coming every day. He enjoys doing crafts and playing games yet has always had a difficult time self-regulating and making friends. We have seen a tremendous change in his attitude, he now reminds himself to “stop and think” before acting. SKC has been doing lots of one-on-one social skill work with him and we’ve seen quite the difference, and he is starting to show empathy towards others! He is choosing to be kind and has even made a new friend in the Clubhouse!


John loves being a member and enjoys visits to the clubhouse. John has struggled with the lack of self-control, self esteem and empathy. But we have seen a big change recently where he is starting to put others first and he thinks of other’s feelings. He has come a long way and we are grateful he’s starting to make better choices! We’re super proud of John!

Grade 2/3 Group

Every day this group of students gathers around eagerly to work on programing. They have just completed a Classroom Survival program where we have worked on skills such as listening, asking questions, contributing to classroom discussions, and accepting consequences. While silly at times, they are showing me daily that the skills they are learning in group are working as they raise their hands, remember the skill steps, and politely remind and correct their peers when they are not following!


When Zereesh started in the Clubhouse this year it was an adjustment. A new Clubhouse Leader and a new way of doing things. In the past she has struggled with kindness relating to others, self-esteem, leadership, and authority. Since September she has been working hard through mentorship, daily interactions, and her girl’s group. Zereesh can be found in the Clubhouse helping the younger SKC students, helping the leader, and showing off her smile! She is always lending a helping hand wherever needed, is able to identify and express positive qualities in herself, displays kindness to others, and has been a valuable member of our group! She is an independent and reliable young lady who is a joy to have around!


Braylon was the very first student in the SKCLV Clubhouse. He came that first day just hoping it would be a place where he could make new friends and be in a space that was calm where he could focus on conversation or on his love of drawing in the creativity area of the Clubhouse. What Braylon says he has found in the Clubhouse is that he feels more patient and he loves being able to use real art supplies that help him perfect his shading and drawing. He is happy to be around people in the Clubhouse who love art and drawing as much as he does. As the Program Leader, I see that what Braylon has found in the Clubhouse is the ability to lead others by example. He is a calm and supportive friend in the Clubhouse always ready to share a smile or let someone know that things are going to get better. Favorite Memory: “My favorite memory in the Clubhouse was the Turkey Time Building Challenge. It was so much fun to build with my friends that I didn’t want to stop!”


Akeisha is one of our SKC mentors. At beginning of the school year, Akeisha exhibited signs of low self esteem, bullying and other negative behaviors. Akeisha expressed that she would like to work on emotional regulation and a few life skills. As the school year continues, Akeisha has gradually been working on using her words appropriately and being more polite and assertive without hurting others feelings. The mentorship program has helped Akeisha grow a lot; she has been demonstrating empathy towards other students, especially the young ones. Akeisha is learning how to be more sensitive and nurturing to others. Akeisha is also learning how to rationale food items. She is working on portioning her food and other food items like sugar appropriately. She is learning how to eat healthy and not waste food or supplies. Akeisha has also improved on her social skills; she has been working on being inclusive and participating in group activities with her SKC peers. Akeisha has set an educational goal and has been working towards it. She comes to SKC twice a week to get additional support and learn some skills and techniques that will help her improve her spelling. Akeisha has shown that she is determined to excel this school year.


Navaeh K has shown that she enjoys being a part of the SKC program. Navaeh acknowledged that this school year she would like to work on following instructions, and respecting her teachers and peers. SKC has taught Navaeh how to show respect to her teachers and peers. She is demonstrating more friendly behaviors and has been invited to interact with students she is not familiar with. SKC students and leaders have seen a positive change in Navaeh. She initially had a hard time taking responsibilities and showing respect but has shown that she is working towards change. She takes initiative in classroom activities, has become more polite and takes responsibility for her action. She has learned how to address situations and appropriately use her words in expressing her feelings. Navaeh is encouraged to communicate when a break is needed in order to come back and efficiently complete classroom task.


Gabriella is a Grade 6 student who is very quiet in the beginning of the School Year. She didn’t like to participate much in SKC activities and escaped doing chores or completing tasks. Gabriella would only interact with specific peers in SKC and when asked by program leader to join group activities involving peers she is not used to, she would refuse and become unhappy about it. Gabriella has slowly gained friendship with most of the SKC students and she interacts and plays with them. She is no longer selective of who she plays with; she has also learned how to clean up after herself; and also doesn’t isolate herself from the rest of the class. Gabriella is learning to improve her spelling and she participates in all class activities unlike in the beginning.


Payten is new to Irwin this year and was proud to become an SKC Clubhouse member! When she first started at our school, she was shy and insecure, but we welcomed her in with open arms, and she is now making lifelong friendships. With academic and social skills support in SKC, she can find confidence in herself to reach some of her short-term goals. We are working on positive listening skills and empathy to help Payten maintain relationships easier at school. We’re very proud of the progress Payten has achieved.


Kaden has come such a long way this year! He’s been an SKC member for a few years now and we welcomed in his sister Niah to the program and they both love it! Kaden has been dealing with bullying in his class and on the bus. SKC has been helping him with coping mechanisms, stress relieving techniques and confidence building activities. He has done a great job with self regulation and sticking up for himself! We’re so proud!


I’m so proud of Akeshia’s growth throughout the school year, and I’m happy to share her success story. Akeshia’s homeroom teacher recommended her to SKC after she was observed to lack confidence and conflict resolution skills. We worked as a large group, together in girl’s group and individually to come up with problem solving solutions and discussions about what it means to feel confident. In these discussions, Akeshia always participated, and as the school year progressed it became evident that Akeshia was putting skills that she was learning in SKC outside into the school. Akeshia has grown this school year into a more confident version of herself, all while assisting other students, following instructions and coming into the SKC Clubhouse everyday with a smile on her face!


Trae is a sweet student, who at the beginning of the year had a hard time following instruction but is now listening to everyone in the clubhouse in addition to contributing his own ideas. Everyone loves his funny personality, his witty sense of humour and the ability to make anyone laugh. As Trae got more comfortable in the clubhouse he began to respect the rules, and started listening to the clubhouse leaders instructions, he even made his own “Room Expectations” that we hung up on the wall! It’s great to see how far Trae has come this year, at one time I had to give him several reminders to clean up after himself, but now he does it without being asked. He’s also a great assistant chef, and amazing artist. Everyone in the clubhouse is proud of Trae and wishes him the best of luck in grade 4!


Michael is a grade 1 student who has thoroughly enjoyed his first year in SKC. At the beginning of the year Michael struggled with transitions and change. With the help of SKC providing Michael with one-on-one time and group work to teach social skills, Michael has learned how to play fair, as well as accept transitions. There has been a huge positive change in Michael this year. We look forward to Michael joining us again next year!


Jason is a grade 5 student who first joined the SKC program in 2017. Since joining the program, Jason has grown and improved tremendously. Jason has learned the skills to help self-regulate, and improve impulse control. SKC has helped support Jason in providing social skills, as well as building his confidence. Having helped as Clubhouse Assistant on a few different occasions has also helped him build confidence and the beginning of leadership skills. If you ask any staff member at Irwin they would tell you how far Jason has come – this year in particular.


Heaven would wait for her mom to pick her up after school. She was curious about the Clubhouse but was too timid to approach for information. When I would try to engage her in conversation, she seemed uncomfortable. For Heaven, it took a long time to establish trust and once we did, she shared that she was not able to talk to adults. My observation was that in addition to that, making eye contact, and advocating for herself were things that we could work on. Because she is naturally very shy. It has taken a while to make progress, but she has. Heaven is really working to make eye contact with adults and peers. Some of her friends have commented that she seems surer of herself and she is. She has been willing to do what was out of her comfort zone and the changes are showing. Being able to be in the Clubhouse during lunchtime where there is calm has given her the courage to try to engage peers in conversation. She has made friends in the Clubhouse and become so comfortable that she teamed up with another student to pull a sweet surprise on the Clubhouse Leader. Favorite Memory: “My favorite memory was secretly helping get all the Clubhouse kids to make hearts for Ms. Simon’s door to tell her how much we appreciate her. She was so surprised, and I was really proud we pulled it off!”


Jaq’Lynn came to the Clubhouse through a friend of hers. She is a smart, funny girl who was having trouble regulating her behavior in some classes. Working in small peer groups, Jaq’Lynn is learning how to manage her feelings and her words when she is in class. She has made incredible progress and really shows commitment to changing for the better. For this reason, she is our Success Story! Favorite Memory: “My favorite memory in the Clubhouse was getting invited to go to a magic show by Mr. David Copperfield. He was AMAZING! I loved the show and getting to meet him after it was over. I won’t ever forget that day.”


This year everyone in Shania Kids Can Program, has become the student success story. They have all been working hard on being the best student's that they can be and have made significant improvements in who they are. The program has provided a wonderful resource for these students to improve on their skills. They have become more resilient and more self regulated. The students are excited for the summer vacation, but are all going to miss the program. They have enjoyed having the ability to get to partake in activities that have been allowing for them to explore their own interests. From who they were on day one to who they are now are students I am so proud of.


After noticing Tresor’s love of SKC, lunch staff asked for help to develop strategies for Tresor to be more successful in the lunchroom. I asked Tresor to problem solve this with me. He indicated that he felt stressed because he did not know what he would be getting for lunch. We were able to turn this around by having Tresor help to prepare lunches in the morning, and as a result he was also able to pack his own lunch kit. This eliminated his anxiety and as a result lunch staff have reported that Tresor is now a model student in the lunch room.


When I first met Shayla, she regularly kept her hood up and rarely smiled. She was often isolated and appeared to be sad. I spoke with her teachers about SKC and they agreed it would be beneficial for Shayla to have support, and a quiet place to go when she was feeling overwhelmed. Now, Shayla regularly talks to me about her day and has become much more positive. She often shows us her quirky sense of humour and is engaging in more school activities. She may even audition for the talent show!


Robert joined SKC 3 years ago. The program has supported Robert by improving his confidence, and by building his conflict regulation and communication skills with staff and students. This past school year Robert has been able to recognize negative situations and utilizes skills learned in SKC on how to de-escalate situations, and appropriate responses to other classmates. His problem-solving skills in SKC have greatly improved, and I can proudly say Robert walks confidently into SKC everyday with a smile on his face.


Monique is one of our newest SKC members, she’s new to both the school and country. Born in Grenada Monique always speaks of her home country with pride. In the beginning of the school year Monique expressed that she missed Grenada and didn’t enjoy coming to school in Brampton. After joining SKC in December, Monique has been working towards self-regulating her emotions. She has been an excellent role model to younger students and she is always eager to participate in activities. SKC has helped Monique gain self-confidence that has helped her make friends and set her up for a success at school.


I found out about the Clubhouse from my friend Davon. When I came to visit, the Leader invited me to stay for snack and see how I liked it. I thought it was fun and a good way to stay away from some of the 6th grade drama that happens. What I like the most about Clubhouse is that no matter what is going on everywhere else, the Clubhouse is a happy place. Ms. Simon checks in with us to see how we are doing. If we need help, she is there to talk to. I’ve made a lot of new friends that I never would have met without the Clubhouse.
Favorite Memory: My favorite memory in the Clubhouse was going to a very fancy dinner. We got to listen to speakers talk about how they were able to overcome things and finish college. I learned not to let anything get in the way of my dreams.


Jaila has made huge leaps from the kid who first started out in the Shania Kids Can Program when it first began at Hjorth Road to the kid she now is in Grade 7. When she first began, drama was always around her and she did not know how to remove herself from it. She now recognizes the power she has in shaping the choices that she can make. Those positive choices she is making has helped in creating new friendships for her, and strengthening her leadership skills. Her skills have made huge improvements that she is more confident in the choices that she makes. Jaila is making more choices that she knows are right, but understands if she makes mistakes that, that is okay too as she can learn from them and grow.


I found out about the Clubhouse from a friend named Johnell. He told me that it was a great place to come and make friends and get great snacks. When I came to see it, everyone was having fun playing games, laughing, and talking. I brought back my permission form the next day! I’ve been in other schools and there is nothing like the Clubhouse at any of them. My favorite thing about the Clubhouse is everything. Kids are happy when they are in Clubhouse and we are all really getting along. It’s nice to have a place to catch up with friends or a quiet place to do my schoolwork.
Favorite Memory: My favorite memory was a lunch party that we had. It was a blast! We had hot chocolate and got to play and talk together. I love the Clubhouse!


Last year when Lorelai joined SKC she was having issues with self-confidence. Today, she is a class leader and a role model to SKC students. She openly shares her feelings, and is comfortable being herself. This has led to both high academic achievement and significant personal growth. Everyone in the clubhouse is proud of this unique, funny, and thoughtful friend!


Cash is a new student to SKC this year. Cash was bumped around foster homes before being adopted by his lovely parents and struggles with ADD and mood regulation. The SKC Clubhouse has been a great place for Cash to be as he has been able to work on his social skills and emotional regulation skills through targeted activities, but also real-life programs where he needs to put the skills he’s learning about into action. Both Cash’s classroom teacher and parents have said that SKC is a big part of the reason Cash is having a more successful school year!


This is Cruz’s 2nd year in Shania Kids Can. He is such a wonderful boy. Cruz is the eldest of 4 siblings. He is so helpful and so kind. Cruz has difficulty with math and reading. Some of these difficulties may be as he falls on the FASD spectrum. Cruz has been coming to SKC to read several times per week and with much diligence and patience he has been able to move up two reading levels since September! Cruz even read out loud in front of the entire school at The Remembrance Day assembly. Cruz is extremely athletically inclined, so we try to make reading or math just like playing basketball or hockey; practice, practice and more practice! He comes to the Clubhouse twice a week for math help and flash cards. Just a couple weeks ago Cruz got the highest mark he ever has on a math test! Cruz’s family is moving, and Cruz was devastated about leaving in the New Year. However, we have secured a bus pass for Cruz and taught him the route so that he can continue coming to Judge Bryant and Shania Kids Can!


Nevaya is a student that has utilized all SKC has offered her to it’s fullest. Through SKC she has become involved with The Regina Boxing Club, Cathedral Art School and Girls in the Game. She is gracious, hard-working and doesn’t take any opportunity for granted. Before SKC, Nevaya was in foster care and quite quiet and dejected. While she is still a quiet kid, she is happy and becoming a wonderful young woman who contributes to her family and community. Nevaya’s foster family adopted her in October, and she is very proud of her new last name!


Gailan has been coming to the Shania Kids Can Clubhouse for a few years and has made great strides from past years. She has had a hard time with friendships and the struggles that can come about from communicating with friends. Through SKC she has worked on how to communicate with her friends how she is feeling and when she is upset to talk about it, before resorting to crying. There have been struggles with on again off again friendships and she has learned that sometimes those are the friendships that you walk away from as they are not indicative of a positive relationship. She is smiling more often and laughing with her friends at recess and lunch.


Reda has made huge improvements in understanding his emotions. He would not know how to communicate how he is feeling. With the Shania Kids Can Clubhouse and during his time during the day in the clubhouse he has been learning about his emotions, and what to do when he has big emotions. He has worked hard on improving his communication skills around his feelings and using sentences like “I am feeling sad because.” Before this he would only have an expression on his face and needed someone to guide him through a conversation to figure out what was happening.


Baraka came to the clubhouse with a shy demeanour. She would barely communicate with others in the classroom and in the SKC program. Within a few weeks, Baraka has made exceptional progress. in both the classroom and the program. She has opened up a bit more by socializing with others, making friends, smiling more and asking questions. Baraka now exudes confidence!


Teshayna is our newest member to the SKC clubhouse. She naturally displays leadership skills, and already has become such a strong part of the SKC family. Teshayna takes imitative daily to ask if she can help with clean up or meal preparation. Teshayna has a very warm personality and enjoys interacting and engaging with the younger SKC members. She always has something pleasant to say to someone and encourages others to do their best. Thank you Teshayna for always sharing your contagious smile and helpful heart with those around you.


When I came to the Clubhouse, I came because a friend of mine was upset. We came because the Leader saw my friend crying and asked us to come talk about it. She talked to us about the Clubhouse and what some of the things are that we would be doing. It sounded cool so I signed up. I’m so happy that I did. I am getting to know people better and I have to chance to show I’m a leader by being voted a Clubhouse Captain. Being a Captain means that I have extra responsibilities and that I show up for most of the Clubhouse activities. The field trip to UNLV was really fun!


I heard one of the kids in school talking about the Clubhouse and how much fun it was. I thought I should find out more about it. I met Ms. Simon and asked to be part of it. Now that I have been in the Clubhouse for a while, I can see that it has helped me meet new friends and it is easier to talk to people than it used to be for me. My favorite thing to do in the Clubhouse is to play basketball with the other kids. I like that we do something physical every day and I am glad that I’m in the Clubhouse!


I’m very glad to be in the Clubhouse. One if the biggest reasons that I like to be there is that it is comforting to me. I like the way all of the kids are nice to each other and we try to keep it a place that is peaceful and kind. I love talking with my friends in the Clubhouse or helping to plan new activities. The snacks in the Clubhouse are great and I like that it is a place that I can always get a bottle of cold water and see a friendly face.


Andy always enters SKC with a smile. He is willing to lend a helping hand and often asks the program leader “do you need help?” without being asked.  He always thinks of others before himself and is very empathic towards others. Andy is always on time and participates in all programming and is a great help to all SKC friends.   


Kaddy is always an amazing helper around SKC. She enjoys assisting the Program Leader with meal preparation and clean up. She is a role model to the younger students. When a younger student in SKC needs help, she is always willing to give them a helping hand. She advocates to her teacher about her learning and using SKC as a quiet space when needing academic support.


Eldon came to the Clubhouse extremely shy and dejected, barely verbally communicating with peers or adults around him. In just one month Eldon is starting to become more outgoing and making meaningful connections in SKC; his safe space. Already, Eldon has become such a strong part of our SKC family. He has not missed any programming, is the first student to initiate his group doing the chore chart, will go and eat his lunch with someone he notices sitting alone, and has inspired a chess obsession within the Clubhouse! Eldon is fascinated with planes and aerodynamics, so we will go and look for a Lego plane he can build or a book on aerodynamics at Chapters.


Not only has Marina worked hard on improving her literacy and math skills, she has also made a conscious effort to be a better listener. Marina is an active participant in SKC, and makes thoughtful contributions to class discussions. Her classmates enjoy her sense of humour and her quick smile.


Laura is ALWAYS excited for anything that we are doing in the Clubhouse. She screams with the same excitement to do the dishes as she does when she gets to paint! She ALWAYS tries her best. She ALWAYS brings a positive attitude.  In fact, the only thing I have ever heard her complain about is that she has to leave the Clubhouse to go back to class, or a program is ending and she needs to go home. She is SWEET! She is HELPFUL! She is KIND! She keeps every SKC member LAUGHING! She’s the smallest girl, with the BIGGEST heart.


Laresa always approaches all new tasks with an open mind. She works hard every day in the clubhouse, and I know that I can always count on her. She is a good role model to her friends and since September, her friends have been more involved with showing the same leadership that Laresa displays. Laresa is always the last student to leave the classroom every day, ensuring that all of the garbage is off of the floors, and turning off the lights. She is a huge help to me, and always displays responsible behaviour to her classmates.


Marisa is a returning SKC student whose presence has a positive impact on the Clubhouse.   Marisa’s willingness to help with anything around the clubhouse is invaluable. There is not a day that goes by that Marisa doesn’t do something helpful around the clubhouse or ask if there is a chore she can complete. She put forth an amazing effort at boxing lessons; working hard and getting sweaty every lesson!! She has shown so much interest and leadership throughout our book study of Wonder. Marisa is very interested in art, and we will research a different art project or lesson she can attend! We are proud of you, Marisa!


Lucas is a good influence on many of his classmates.  He has made the connection between hard work and positive results. Lucas has put in effort to build strong relationships with his teachers, and this has improved his attitude towards school.