Success Stories


We have one student in our clubhouse who has had two major breakthroughs this month. Natalia was new to the clubhouse this year, and began the program being very quiet and keeping to herself most of the time. She spent most of the day colouring on the side by herself. She did not want to engage in the activities that the rest of the group was participating in, and she would only speak with the program leader. She is now connecting very well with another student in the clubhouse who is also in her class, and over the course of this month I have seen Natalia break from her shell, and often times I have to remind her now to not talk so much. Her energy level has skyrocketed, and her teacher referred the change to be a “complete 180 since the beginning of the year”. Natalia is also one of the students who has an extreme fear of anything that has to do with physical activity. When our Jumpstart partners first came in Natalia would completely shut down, break into tears, and complain about sickness, and pain throughout her body. She spent the first 3 weeks sitting out, or going home on Jumpstart days. We tried to have her new friends encourage her to participate but even that didn’t work. This past week, Natalia had told me that she would try to participate in this week’s Jumpstart session and I was thrilled. Not only did she participate for the full intense warm up, but she participated in the entire session, even when she was unsure of the activity. We spoke after the session and she was very proud of herself. She said that even though she wasn’t very good at the activities she was happy that she was able to participate with the rest of the group.


Over the last few months, we have had a student that truly has come out of his shell both in SKC and in his classroom. When Trae joined SKC, he was very quiet and kept to himself, both in his classroom and in the Clubhouse. Over the last few months and into April, he has been able to use his words to ask for things in the clubhouse, he has been able to advocate for when he needs things from staff both SKC staff and his teacher. He continues to come to school in positive spirits, ready to learn and continues to grow in school and in the SKC program.


This month we have had a student who has a huge breakthrough. This student hasn’t been at school for about two months due to anxiety being away from home, along with issues with bullying. I have been working with her and her family to create a plan for her to return to school, and to work with me while she is at school. She has been here the past three days and along with the school team, we are working with her and her family through the anxiety she is currently experiencing. SKC has been a great place for her to feel safe and to have something to look forward to.


Rishika continues to use the SKC space as a place to utilize materials for her interests such as drawing. Rishika is able to share her drawings with staff and students to collect positive feedback. She is becoming more comfortable with staff in SKC and continuously opens up about her home life. She is feeling more safe and continues to build trusting relationships with adults within the school. She is taking more risks by joining clubs/activities in the school. She is starting to be more comfortable to advocate for herself with staff. She is not afraid to ask for food when needed. Being fairly new to the country and learning she is in a single parent home, she can advocate for food in the program when needed.