The Top 10 Issues SKC Students Face
  • Difficulty socializing with peers
  • Lack of funds for extracurricular activities or field trips
  • Anxiety or sadness
  • Difficulty with school curriculum
  • Arriving to school hungry, or without lunch/snacks
  • Inappropriate clothing
  • Lethargic
  • Bullied and/or stigmatized
  • Little supervision outside of school
  • Disregard for hygiene

“We are all socially responsible to identify these children and provide a multi-layered working solution to support these vulnerable, scared, at-risk kids. If we continue to ignore this, the communities we all live in suffer the consequences of crime and social services overload as they grow into adults.“ - Shania Twain, Founder, Shania Kids Can

“If we can help children stop worrying about where their next meal is going to come from, or if they will have a winter jacket or if they have ENOUGH, then children can focus on dreaming big. Then and only then will they grow into people who will positively impact our world.” - Tiffany Kearse, Program Leader, Judge Bryant Public School

“In Shania Kids Can, I have learned to be respectful and share. I am thankful for getting help with my lunches and snacks, so I can eat.” - Kaddy, SKC student

“Becoming part of the SKC is one of my favorite things about school. It helped me start feeling better about my life, and helped me get better at expressing my emotions. They even bought me ear plugs so I could sleep at night and not in school.” - Marc, SKC student

The Results
  • 72% Increase in Positive Attitude Towards School
  • 65% Improvement in Mental Health
  • 60% Physical health improved
  • 65% Decrease in Poor Hygiene
  • 75% Increase in Social Behavior

“The SKC program has been nothing short of transformational, not just for the students in the program, but for the entire school.” - Brian Woodland, APR, Director of Communication and Community Relations, Peel District School Board

“Students in SKC are finding new passions, developing new goals and envisioning brighter futures thanks to the help and caring support of SKC.” - Liane Ricou, Outreach Manager Business Development, School District No 36

“Our students that participate in the SKC program benefit greatly from the support that they receive on a daily basis. In addition to nutritional and life skills support, students have the opportunity to experience a variety of special activities. The program is an essential part of their school day, in fact a lifeline for many of our students.” - Patricia Chertow, Principal, Schumacher Public School