The last few months have been a very busy and exciting time in the Clubhouse in Regina! In 2019 we have had a big focus on celebrating our cultural diversity and physical fitness. We had an amazing time cross country skiing and snowshoeing with outdoor ed in January. Shania Kids have continued attending HoopLife Basketball Training and we have been having an absolute blast over the past 5 weeks taking gymnastic lessons at Amazing Adventure. One of our SKC students, Kali, has had her Mom and Kokum (Grandma) into the Clubhouse to teach traditional beading and we got to make key chains. We also had a blast touring Boston Pizza and each making our own pizza.  It was an especially great trip for Blake as he wants to own a pizza restaurant in Saskatoon when he grows up! As always, we had a great time having EYES (Educating Youth on Engineering and Science) in the Clubhouse for their monthly visit.



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